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09 May 2013 @ 06:16 am

Hello there dear visitor!

We would just like to note that this journal contains mainly personal doll related posts.

For more information on Hermétisme D'être's story, characters, doll photographies and illustrations please visit our Tumblr at:

Hermétisme D'être

07 May 2013 @ 09:00 pm
Just after 3 weeks since Aeirenov arrived, Salene came home <3 And I couldn't be anymore happier to finally have my grail doll EID Carina ^w^

So just like Aeirenov, let's have some general info on Salene first:

Full Name: Salene Jordane LeBlanc
Ethnicity: French
Blood Type: A
Natural Hair Color: Crimson
Eye Color: Golden Yellow
Likes: sweets specially cakes, grapes, reading, her little brother Eryk, music, autumn leaves
Dislikes: untidiness, whenever the public pries into her personal life

Doll info:
Mold: Iplehouse EID Carina
Skin Color: White Skin
Face Up: Done by Kiel and me

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06 May 2013 @ 08:43 pm

These are based on Salene's current cycle (reincarnation)

1. She's crazy about cakes.
2. She loves reading books especially the ones written by Charles Constantine (aka Seirren Vorstellung, Alexei and Aeirenov's father)
3. She has a Great Pyrenees pet named Beethoven.
4. She's a French model and the daughter of the well-known producer Astin LeBlanc and retired actress Veronique.
5. She has twin kids to Aeirenov: Nicolai Illya and Czarina Sera but was raised and legally adopted as Alexei's children when they got married.
6. She loves teasing Alexei about his looks because of his lack of awareness on how attractive he is.
7. She's one of the few people who has a deep understanding of Aeirenov's personality.
8. Often mistaken to be a snob because of her being quiet and unaccommodating on first meetings and having only a few set of friends.
9. She hates having her personal life publicized and never entertains such interviews.
10. She loves listening to Alexei's classical music though she is just as supportive with Aeirenov as a rock band vocalist.

- Tabris
09 April 2013 @ 11:06 am
Aeirenov has finally arrived and I couldn't describe how very happy I am after the long wait of 2 months! Thank you so much to my darling Kiel for this wonderful gift <3

First before some pictures lets have some general info about Aeirenov:

Full Name: Aeirenov Illya Vorstellung
Ethnicity: German-Russian
Blood Type: A
Natural Hair Color: Burgundy
Eye Color: Crimson
Likes: Salene, sex, liquor, smoking, fastfood
Dislikes: seafood, pets, not getting what he wants

Doll info:
Mold: Luts SSDF Cane
Skin Color: White Skin
Face Up: Default Face up with a few modifications by me

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07 April 2013 @ 08:19 pm
Finally~ After 2 months of waiting, Tabris's Aeirenov (SSDF Cane) arrived last Thursday.

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